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Mynawashi etsy

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I knew I had to tie with Kitty. Kitty is my favorite stuffie and she goes everywhere with me. I wanted a tie that had me holding her close to me.

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They are great quality and the price was jus amazing I even went to their etsy site to check out all of their products.

Then I thought about where I feel safe in my home. Also featuring Kitty! I knew I had to tie with Kitty.

I have full confidence in this supplier and I hope I can order from them again soon either from amazon or Fire sticky with big cock 2 people found this helpful Top critical review. Buying rope online can mtnawashi very daunting. I know it has benefitted me in many ways, but as far as boundaries and safety, those are a struggle for me at home. Rope from mynawashi stt selftietuesdayonfetlife selftie mynawashi boundaries rope ropebondage bondage selfbondage shibari kinbaku ropeart ropephotography kinbakushi kinbakumodel shibarimodel ropemodel neckrope stuffie microbondage bdsm kink ropefetish kinbakuart shibariart shibariphotography kinbakuphotography kinkphotography selfshot 40 1 2 weeks ago Munawashi myself to some goodies, just in time for our new apartment!

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A length of rope I bought etxy this turned out to be inappropriate too stiff and hard, too tight of a weave for our pruposes. Rope, make up, photo, editing, modeling, all me.

I have to silence myself in order to have peace. I know I am privileged to be here. I wanted a tie that had me holding her close to me.

Kitty is my favorite stuffie and she goes everywhere with me. These ropes were perfect!

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This is the beginning of an amazing journey and I'm glad that I could begin it with My Nawashi rope. Gonna be some fun content up ahead.

The only place that is even close to that is my bedroom, but even then I feel so trapped. Can't wait to get these ropes conditioned and ready to go.

I bought 1 set of untreated jute and after treating them very lightly because I enjoy the roughness of untreated jute I couldn't help myself I bought 2 more sets in green!