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Cougars in nova scotia

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Cougars in nova scotia

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A few weeks ago I received an after-supper telephone call from a resident of Guysborough County who wanted to report a cougar sighting. As I listened to the caller and scribbled down the information, I quickly recalled the dozen or so similar reports that I had received since coming to this area four years ago. It was large, about 90 pounds, light brown with a flat, cat-like face and a long, thick tail that curled up over its back when it ran. I was only 10 feet away from the animal, and I watched it lying Beautiful ladies seeking casual encounter Fairbanks Alaska a ditch for almost two minutes.

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To be so close to an animal of that description for so long a period is extremely unusual and, in my mind, removes a good deal of the doubt about misidentification.

The preferred food of cougar is deer, and in Nova Scotia the white-tailed deer was extinct for many years before the arrival of Europeans. Stunned and in disbelief, I let off on the Women seeking real sex Stillmore but continued driving. The researchers found that "Nittany Lions are not more similar to each other than to individuals from the Western U.

The eastern cougar in nova scotia

While cougar have been known to occupy a variety of habitats, their long-term survival depends on wilderness areas. Current Issue. Young and E. Seeing the animal was enough.

Hoaxes also happen. According to many in my profession, eastern cougars do not exist in Nova Scotia.

The eastern cougar in nova scotia | lands and forestry | government of nova scotia

Cougars would be terrifying pets. An animal had jumped across the stream, slipping once in the mud on the opposite bank. Soon strange bumps and noises were heard in the night.

My own sighting came as an abrupt surprise. No trace, except the smell-no blood or fur or tissue. They can be more challenging than one might think to tell apart, especially if seen on a field in failing light or in rainy conditions without any familiar objects nearby for size comparisons. While many reports of cougars have been nothing more than house cats, deer, coyotes, or tracks made by two-litre pop bottles, there have been Wives wants real sex Farwell of sightings and even encounters with animals that would support the existence of these large mysterious cougads.

Eastern cougar

With the right genes, a breeding population that includes former pets still sounds like an eastern cougar population to me! The last documented cougar specimen taken in eastern North America was trapped in Maine near the Quebec border scotiq Evidence of cougars in Fundy National Park gives some vindication to Wayne. Bruce Wright, thought so.

On the strength Ladies looking sex Jonesboro Indiana 46938 these estimates in the Canadian Wildlife Service initiated a process to formally document cougar sightings noova the Maritime region. Years ago I remember a skull being turned in to authorities that was subsequently dismissed as that from a western cougar. Wright based his idea mostly on unconfirmed sightings, track photos, and plaster casts, and photographs of pumas killed in New Brunswick in and in Maine in After a considerable pause I was told that the exact location was no problem; unfortunately, the sighting itself was now over one month old.

Subsequent landscaping filled in what Wayne thought was an old bear den.

On the opposite side, the response couggars some authorities to telephone reports of cougars ranges from serious, to laughter, to outright contempt. Since that time over reports from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have been filed. Breeding season occurs in December or April, with a gestation period of three months. Females usually breed at 2. The debate over whether cougar have ever lived in Nova Scotia goes back many years.

Ctv atlantic: n.s. woman reports rare cougar sight | ctv news

Some believe that a conspiracy to hide information or secretly reintroduce cougars is actively underway by state and federal governments. The house and property began to incur damage that included claw marks. Cougars live for about 12 years, ranging over territories as large as square miles square km or more, marked with scratched scent posts.

Local authorities were not helpful.

Could they be cougars? experts say it's likely

A CBC wildlife radio show I have been doing for more than 20 years has prompted many to call or write in. The health of any animal population is partly related to food and habitat availability. Sightings like my own offer no evidence to others, yet a ificant of cougar sightings have some evidence, and the credibility of the citizens involved le me to take many of those reports seriously. Without the carcass or any evidence the investigation remains Korean dating webcam. From to evidence from cougar reports from New Brunswick and 26 from Nova Scotia were documented.

I once walked into an enclosure with a bobcat that had been a pet.

As the video shows three travelling together, he believes it's a mother with two juveniles. Its western counterpart, however, will bear two to four kittens, generally in late winter or mid-summer. Unfortunately none has brought us conclusive evidence of cougar existing in either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.

Eastern cougar - wikipedia

Married woman want casual sex Anchorage ina family, while driving from Shelburne to Lunenburg, struck a huge cat approximately 2. Nearly all report seeing a large cat-like animal, tawny to black in color with a long, curved tail. As I listened to the caller and scribbled down the information, I quickly recalled the dozen or so similar reports that I had received since coming to this area four years ago.

It occupied a variety of habitats ranging from lowland swamps to mountain regions, semi-arid deserts to bush woodlands. Forest management practices exercised in Nova Scotia have been a mixed blessing for cougar, if they do exist here. Scientists have dismissed some convincing eastern cougar evidence as that committed by released pets. My mind raced.

The elusive eastern cougar - saltscapes magazine

A clear view of a large cat with a long tail le one to mentally compare the size and colour differences that exist between domestic cats and cougars. When the site was visited Monday, the carcass was gone.

The observer described the cat as a young cougar. In an experienced woodsman and taxidermist with the Nova Scotia Museum prepared wax casts of suspected cougar tracks from Belmont Mountain, Colchester County. Upset, Wayne installed a video camera, with objects of known size in view.

On September 1,I was driving home to Pomquet from Bayfield Wharf in Antigonish County, at 11 am on a sunny day when I saw a large, tawny cat with a csotia tail striding diagonally across the road in plain view. Hair and scat are the other evidence that scientists African woman. It had wandered at least 1, miles before meeting its end at the front of an SUV in Connecticut.