Terms And Condition


Terms and Conditions Applied:

  1. More than a student learn together at the same lesson is entitled 5% discount of the fee.
  2. Those students who take 24 hrs and Above for monthly lessons are entitled for 10% discount of the fee.
  3. Those students who take 40 hrs and Above for Monthly lessons are entitled for 20% discount of the fee.
  4. Introducer fee would be deducted for 20 % of the amount of case referred upon the own monthly tuition fee or claimed as cash once the referred case is successful.
  5. Lesson should be only replaced instead of deduction of the fee if the lesson is canceled due to acceptable reasons.
  6. Residential Carpark fees & Toll fees during the journey shall be bear by the parents.
  7. Cancellation or reschedule of the fixed lessons shall be given notice prior to 48 hours.
  8. Last minute of cancellation of the lessons would not be replaced or deducted in the fee.
  9. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of Inspire tuition center at all times.
  10. Parents and guardians are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the education process by encouraging students and respecting our staff.
  11. Should a student cause any damage to the center’s property, parents or guardians are to be held responsible for compensation including full costs of repair.
  12. Students are responsible for their own well being and must bring pack lunch (drinking water, fridge and microwave are available but only members of staff can operate).
  13. Students are expected to observe and act upon the lesson timetable and must attend all classes on time.
  14. Must enter and exit the center premises accordingly and sensibly to avoid disturbance to others.
  15. Workbooks, exercise books and task sheets given by the center are to be kept neat, tidy and presentable.
  16.  Fees will be calculated in advance and invoiced 1st of each month which is to be paid full in advance. Failure to pay the fees on time may result in exclusion from classes.
  17. If a student cannot attend the lesson fee must still be paid but they will receive compensation hours which can be used during extra revision time.
  18.  If a student is expelled or leaves before the end of the month the remaining fee is forfeited. The center will not refund remaining fees in such circumstances.
  19. If classes are cancelled fees will be fully refunded, students will be notified of any cancellations.
  20. If parent or guardian wishes to withdraw their child/children they must give 4 weeks written notice.
  21. Compensation hours accumulated will not be accessible or refunded once a student is either withdrawn or expelled.
  22.  Inspire Tuition Center reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as and when necessary.


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